Time to be a Leader


It is time for you to become a leader.  And in the field of lifelong learning, you have to know the ratios and benchmarks for success to be a leader of a strong and growing program.

Your program, your institution, and the field all need more leaders now, especially with baby boomers retiring daily.  Do your career and your organization a favor.

Do your career and your organization a favor. LERN’s Fall Institutes online give you that necessary professional development to not only gain the knowledge you need, but to feel confident about your ability.

Our Fall Institutes are just starting.  Register this week and you won’t be behind.  Register next week and you have one week to make up.

We guarantee you, and your program, a 10:1 ROI on the techniques and strategies you will gain from each of our Institutes.   Here’s the math:  give us $795, we give your program $8,000 or more in increased income and/or saved costs.

You spend 2-4 hours a week, any day, any time, online.  You have plenty of time to finish.

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Don’t have the $795 to become a successful program?  We’re so sorry.