Historic Meeting


A historic Senior LERN Leader meeting last month in Chicago will improve the professionalism of the entire field of lifelong learning.

Your LERN leaders decided to move forward with both program certification and professional certification renewal.

Leaders endorsed LERN creating a program certification for member organizations to be certified by LERN. Leaders will be engaged this year in working on the criteria and specifics.

Leaders agreed that LERN should set up a system for maintaining LERN professional certification.

The draft plan includes:

  • CPP is the brand certification that should be maintained.
  • The renewal period is every two years.
  • A variety of LERN programs will be available for renewal.
  • The renewal currency will be a number (to be decided) of professional development points.
  • Renewal content should be a mix of New Content and Refresher Content
  • The cost will be $199, although it will be built into some activities qualifying (example: annual conference attendance).
  • Renewal will be based on outcomes, specifically passing quizzes or a single test.

To provide input and to make both certifications relevant to each of our constituencies,
LERN Leaders will be asked to serve on Certification Boards for their particular institutional setting.

The Senior LERN Leader meeting was led by Sandra Parker of Toronto, the 2018-2019 Chair of the LERN Board of Directors, and was attended by 22 leaders from recreation departments, public schools, community colleges, universities, and associations. The leaders came from 12 states and two provinces.