(Great) “Kids These Days”



More good news about teenagers these days, with a positive implication for your lifelong learning program.

But if you are a grumpy older person trying to find more reasons why “kids these days” are resulting in a massive decline in civilization, you won’t be happy.

Here’s the news:

  1. Crime among teens today is down compared to teens from previous generations (yours).
  2. Intelligence among teens is higher compared to teens from previous generations (yours). IQ goes up about 3 points per decade, according to the Flynn Effect, named after Prof. James Flynn of New Zealand.
  3. This month researchers are reporting a new theory that the rise in cellphone use among teenagers is the reason why teen drug and alcohol use has been dropping for the last ten years.

There is clearly a correlation.  Some researchers note that cell phones give teens:
-Stimulation and excitement
-Ways to test boundaries
-Sense of independence, all things teens have sought or needed throughout history.

Great news for everyone except the grumpies.