Exclusive Survey: Latest Top 10 New Skills


Horse swimming4cropFrom an exclusive LERN survey of over 6,000 adults in the workplace, these courses are what your customers are actually willing to spend time and dollars on.

From the February-April session of UGotClass, here are the top ten. If you want to make sure your community has the top ten skills, plus get 50% of the revenue, contact us at info@ugotclass.org to offer the online classes.

For most of your customers, each of these skills is not a full-time job or career, but part of their job, whether they work in a small business, corporation, nonprofit or government.

  1. Data Analysis
    The hottest new skill, data analysis is relevant to every occupation and industry. The job skill is critical for virtually all business and professionals in the workplace.
  2. Social Media for Business
    Every organization needs someone who knows how to communicate and engage with customers using social media, now an integral communication and marketing path for organizations.
  3. Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
    In the last century, finance was down the hall, up the stairs. Today every non-financial manager needs to be able to run the numbers for her or his area.
  4. Digital Marketing
    From email promotion, which continues to be a mainstay of marketing now, to online advertising and moving traffic to your website, digital marketing keeps changing.
  5. Project Management
    Project management is now one of the fastest paths to promotion. Project management provides visibility of project health to the business and the customer through continuous monitoring.
  6. Entrepreneurship
    More people are choosing to become entrepreneurs and build their own businesses today, especially in fields not even know just a few years ago. Entrepreneurship is also a way of thinking.
  7. Supervision and Management
    New software, the collapse of the pyramid, the growth in remote workers, and a new generation of workers and leaders all make to rewrite the rules on successful management and supervision.
  8. Customer Service
    As online self-service and technology increases, so does the need for the human touch and the opportunity to convert potential customers into customers, and existing customers into better customers.
  9. Leadership Development
    With the largest generation in the workforce also the newest generation, leadership development is wanted by millennials, and needed by every organization.
  10. Web Design
    New easy-to-use software and the expansion of doing business online is driving website and web page from a technical job to one in which more people can, and need, to have a skill set.

Certificates in these top ten new skill areas drove UGotClass registrations to an all time record for February-April 2017, up more than 20% over last year.  If you want to make sure your community has the top 10 skills, plus gets 50% of the revenue, contact us at info@ugotclass.org to offer the online classes.